Atiwe Steering Wheel Install 993 Tiptronic

Had a buddy bring in his 993 today for an install of an Atiwe steering wheel.  The install took some trial and error since what little instructions came with the wheel weren’t for our model car, and they were in German, lol.  Eventually we got it figured out though:

Using a t-30 torx, remove the 2 screws on the back of the wheel holding the airbag on (disconnect the battery for 20 minutes before removing airbag, yada yada).

Unplug the airbag connector and set the airbag aside.  Unplug the ground wires from the hub and steering wheel, then remove the wheel by removing the 24mm nut after marking 12 oclock on the shaft.

Install the new hub on the shaft, leave it loose for now as you may have to do some adjusting to get the wheel straight once it is mounted.  Then mount your wheel.  Now you have a lot of wiring to figure out.  NOTE:  DO NOT USE WIRE NUTS ON YOUR FINAL ASSEMBLY.  I used them here just to trial and error our wires, lol.

The connections are as follows:

Stock airbag plug does not need to be changed for this application (your application may vary).

Brown with yellow stripe from clock spring goes to the 6 plug connector on the wheel, in the center position between the thick black wires coming from the from the left and right horn.

Black wire between the thick brown wires on the 6 pin connector on the steering wheel goes to the ground point on the hub (you must install the other 2 posts, making 4 posts total).

Left black wire from – shift button goes to the brown with red stripe wire of clock spring (clip off old connector on clock spring for direct wire, or clip off the old plug off the old steering wheel and just plug it in (We didn’t want to cut up our old wheel wires as it is going to be sold).

Right small black wire from + shift button goes to brown yellow stripe wire from clockspring

Two small black wires from – and + buttons are put together and go to ground on hub.

And the finished product.

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