BMW M3 rear diff and trans. service

Had a buddy bring over his beautiful M3 the other evening to change the gear oils.  Not a big job, but a littler tricker to get in the air than the Porsche’s are, but after a couple hours he was back on the road.  Most of the transmission experts I have talked to in the German auto world recommend changing your drive gear fluids annually.  The transmission says lifetime fluid on it, but that is a joke IMHO.  Nothing kills fluid easier than heat and condensation/acid buildup.

He was so quick, I couldn’t get a picture of the job in progress, lol….so i had to steal a picture from him.

Luckily Val was not home, or Angel might not have gotten his car back.

The rear diff fluid…….Angel was relieved to find out that it would improve his radio reception as well….hahaha.

The trans. fluid.


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