And on to the good stuff.

Trying to get cars schedule to get in an out this week, so far so good.

On the chopping block:
944 S2 cab maintenance (timing belt, hard starting issue, oil change, brake flush, etc)
996C4S brake flush and inspection for the Hastings DE this weekend
Boxster brake job
996TT oil change
996TT Header installation
930 Annual maintenance
996 Cab top issues
928 front engine job

Already Chopped:

Cleared the airbag light on a 996 which just had the passenger seat belt replaced.

First up was to knock out the DE inspection and brake flush on the C4S…..nothing exciting here that we haven’t done a hundred times before…..

Then it was on the to 944 S2 Cab.  What is special about this car is that it is a 1 owner, 20k mile unmolested car.  Definitely the nicest S2 cab I have ever had the pleasure of working on, mainly because you just don’t see 944’s anymore with extremely low mileage.  This car still has that new car smell….seriously.

First up was to figure out the hard starting issue.  I was pretty sure I had an idea of what it was when I picked the car up, as  the S2’s tend to have this issue on occasion.

So, first thing to do was to get out the mity vac and put it on the vacuum nipple on the fuel damper and put vacuum to it.

Just as I suspected, I was able to suck gasoline into the line, which is not good.  This means the rubber diaphragm in the damper has failed, allowing fuel to get into the intake via the vacuum system, thus fouling the plugs and causing the hard start.

I also started taking the front end down to replace the timing and balance shaft belts.

Fuel damper removed and tossed.

As you can see, the plugs were soaked and fouled with gasoline.  New plugs installed.

It doesn’t stop with just replacing the plugs and the damper though.  The S2 intake has a main chamber that sits below the runners….a perfect place for a pool of gasoline to build up.  If you don’t remove it and try starting the car, you are just going to foul the plugs again.

Hard to see in this picture, but the camber slants to the left side (passenger side in this picture), and you can just barely make out the high point of gasoline in the intake.  I pulled out about a half quart of gasoline out with my vacuum bleeder.

Also got the oil changed.  You can tell the oil is nice and clean.  The main pan drained a bit more cloudy indicating there was probably some slight condensation buildup from sitting.

At this point, we are waiting on parts.  The C4S will leave tonight and be replaced by a boxster.

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