944 S2 Cab Finished

Finished up the 944 S2 cab the other day, now it is off to be detailed.

Removing the belt tension using special tool P-blah blah blah.

Old belts off.

New belt on.

People usually get stumped removing the crank pulley with basic tools.  This needs to be removed so you can get the timing belt on/off.  The bolt is torqued to 155ft/lbs so you aren’t going to get it with a little wrench.  Here is my removal tool, and the installation tool.  It must be torqued to 155ft/lbs to get the proper oil pressure.

All back together.

Then it was time to flush/bleed the brakes.  Air powered bleeders for the win.

Waiting to go to detail.

944 Porsche S2 Cab

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