2001 Boxster Service

This little boxster came in for it’s yearly service and brake job.  It was time for pads and rotors all the way around.  Unfortunately, the picking crew pulled the incorrect front rotors, so I am waiting on the correct ones which will be here on monday.  Actually they weren’t rotors at all, but mislabled CV boots, lol.  Oh well, it happens.  70k+ miles is usually pushing the pads and rotors.  After that it was an oil change with some fresh 5w-40 and filter.

I get to do this every year I see the car after winter 😉  When the cat is away, the mice will play.  They always LOVE dog food for some reason.  New cabin filter it is!

When you find evidence of little critters, always pop the top engine cover and check around the oil cooler….their 2nd favorite spot.

Once I got all that cleaned up, it was time for brakes.

New brakes on the rear.  Waiting on the front….grrrr

The sensor light had not triggered yet, but it was about to.

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