993TT Upgrade to Fister D Stage III’s

A friend of mine has acquired a new to him 993TT which is in excellent condition.  Very low mileage, well taken care of, but the previous owner installed a set of Fabspeed mufflers a few hundred miles before selling the car, but the problem was, the tips just wouldn’t line up straight.  While we could get them somewhat close, it was still like the tailpipes had walleye vision, with one tip pointing one direction, and the other rotated and pointed another.  After spending some time on it and being convinced they just weren’t going to straighten out we decided to go a different route.  I shot an email to Fabspeed about their newer 993TT system and never got a response, so we contacted Darin at FD Motorsports.  Luckily, we were able to get our hands on the original mufflers to this car, so we decided to go back to stock….with a little modification 🙂  We have been doing the external bypass mod on the 993C2/C4’s here in town for awhile now, and IMHO it is the best sounding exhaust out there, so trying the Stage III setup from Darin was the best logical choice……we knew our tips would be straight on the stock cans.

First….had to attend to something else, lol.  As much as I hate bird doo, I was getting ready to work on the car and noticed a little robin on the ground next to our pear tree.  Every year there is a nest in the tree, usually i knock it out before momma bird ever gets it built to prevent them from nesting right next to the garage.  This year I forgot, lol.  I picked up the bird and crawled up the tree and put it in the nest.  By the time I got back down, the bird was on the ground again (couldn’t fly yet).  Picked it up, crawled back up into the tree, plopped it into the nest, got back down onto the ground and there were 2 laying there…..well this isn’t going the right direction.  So i improvised with an ice cream bucket and a rag.  Happy as can be (actually i probably just made it easier for the neighbors cat to get them, but at least they aren’t flopping around on the ground, lol).

Then it was on to the car.

We had sent the cans out to FD, they modified them internally, ceramic coated them, and set them back.

Heat shields mounted up.

Old Fabspeed stuff off the car.

Ahhhh and straight tips.  The sound is incredible.  Nice, deep, throaty note….just like it SHOULD have been from the factory 😉

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