997TT Oil Change, Brake Flush…and…..

Mobile service calls again.  Had to get the car ready for MAM this Friday.

Started by changing the oil…..

Unfortunately, when I got underneath the car, this is what I found.  Dried coolant everywhere.

The culprit.  A loose hose clamp under the intake manifold.  It was so loose, that either it was not tightened from the factory, or someone else had been in the motor in the first 3k miles of it’s life.  The hose is stuck between two pipes, so it can’t pop off.  Under enough pressure though, coolant could escape.  I was within about 3 seconds of seeing if Aristocrat would still honor the warranty on the car when I finally got it.  I figured it would be an engine out ordeal.

The red line is where the clamp should be.  The blue line shows where it has slid to.  Doesn’t look too hard to get to….

Oh wait, lets zoom out a little, lol.  Yea, not fun.  What’s that…you can’t see it anymore?  Yup….I know, lol.  I was able to get the clamp rotated and slide up the hose with a magnet after a lot of trial and error.  Then I had to hold it in place with the magnet while trying to get the long extension/wobble/socket on it.  As luck would have it, the clamp faced the wrong direction, which made it really hard to get on to tighten.

Before I pulled my hair out with the clamp situation, I flushed the brake system.  We had quite a few events on this fluid.

Doesn’t really come out well in a Blackberry photo, but the rear calipers have gone from red to maroon due to the heat, lol.

Back to our clamp ordeal.  Notice the long magnet on the left holding the clamp, and my long extension to tighten the clamp.

Once I got the clamp tight, I put 15psi of pressure on the cooling system to see if there were any more leaks.  Everything looked good.

My special clamp tool.  Taped up to prevent losing my tools on top of the motor somewhere!

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