944 Electrical Issues

Yup….electrical issues.  Joy.  There is nothing cheap about paying someone to diagnose an electrical issue.  I had a 944 come in today which the owner had just purchased.  It is a nice 60k mile, 1 owner car, but it has sat for the last 5 years.  The windows didn’t work, the blower motor didn’t work, the sunroof didn’t work, etc.  Another shop had diagnosed it as a bad ignition switch.  The problem, is that it is really rare for an ignition switch to go out on a post 85.5 944.  Just doesn’t happen.  I started poking around, and decided to try a spare ignition relay i had laying around.  Somehow I got it on the first try….that never happens with electrical issue 😉  Windows started working, blower motor worked, everything is good.  The best part…..the A/C is ice cold 🙂

Now it is time to go through the car to make sure it is road worthy.  I started  by pumping up the 20psi of air that was in the tires to something a little higher 🙂  The timing belt was replaced 5 years ago….and about 500 miles are all that are on the belt since the change.  It will be up to the new owner if he wants to change it out or not.  You know my recommendation…….  Overall, I think this car just needs to have a few fresh tanks of gas run through it, and it should make the new owner a great car!

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