993 Rear Wheel Bearing

Brought in a buddy’s 993 tonight to fix a rear wheel bearing that was making some noise.

Brake caliper and rotor off.  Axle nut removed.  Getting the axle out is the tricky part as the inboard end hits both the subframe and the transaxle…..

Outer hub off, and the outer section of bearing in pieces.

Hard to tell by the blurry picture, but the outer race is pretty chewed up.

Old bearing completely removed.

Pressing the new bearing in place.  Next I need to pop the old race off the outer hub, but it was seized on there pretty hard, so I assume this bearing was getting pretty hot.  I’ll have to cut it off tomorrow afternoon.  Bed time for the little kids across the street, so better call it a night.

911993PorscheRear Wheel Bearing

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