Porsche GT3 Fabspeed Exhaust and Intake Upgrade RennsportKC

After we got the 993 exhaust on, it was time to get the GT3 taken care of. We needed a little better sound on full throttle, so a little extra airflow through the engine usually helps do that.

Since the lifts are still full, back to my roots.

Intake box has to go.


And since my attention span is only so long, I decided to pull the mufflers next. The exhaust system is modular, so we can tune it to the sound we want. If we need more rumble later, we can change the headers and/or the cats as well.

Dual cone intake and the carbon fiber heat shield in place.

And the muffler cans installed. The sound at idle is pretty tame, but at full throttle there is a very nice deep growl!

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