Porsche 930 Upgrades Continues at RennsportKC

The Widow Maker, Part II:

Today I installed the control arms/bushings/torsion bars on the 930. Everything went together pretty smoothly. Installing the torsion bars here. A slimy job as you want to grease them up good for rust prevention.

Then I went after the exhaust and turbo. I’ve had 930’s where 8+ exhaust studs snap off in the heads due to age/rust/corrosion. Luckily, these all came out pretty easy.

And the pile of parts start to stack up.

I went to start the turbo install, but ran into a snag right away. The turbo oil line wasn’t going to go on with the turbo set up this way. I scratched my head as the turbo sure appeared to be clocked correctly when compared to the old turbo. But obviously I couldn’t get a nut on the stud due to the other stud being in the way. A 2nd set of eyes suggested the hot housing studs/nuts should actually be bolts. Ah yes, sometimes you over look the obvious. I replaced the stud/nut with a bolt, and that provided the clearance to get the oil line on.

With the intercooler out of the way, I can start removing the air pump junk and get that stuff out of the way. I’ll be away from this project for a few days now as I have a bunch of local cars I need to get taken care of. Stay tuned!

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Scott Stewart

May 15, 2012 at 10:33 AM

Wow, that thing is goona be quick and nimble!
Are the old parts for sale? I need struts for a 79 930.


    May 20, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    Hi Scott,

    Owner is keeping the old parts. Struts have to be used as cores.

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