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May 14 2012 porschedoc VW No Comments

“There’s a new sheriff in town!”

This little guy has been sitting behind one of the buildings a few doors down. We mow around it a lot, and never saw it move….ever. Today the owner of the car came by and needed it running again for his son to use while they find him a new car. They had tried to jump start it on Sunday, but couldn’t get it to do anything. Turns out the car has 340,000 miles (yes, you read that correctly), and has been sitting for over 2 years! I figured after 2 years, the battery was likely so flat that it wouldn’t jump, so I grabbed a good battery off the shelf and threw it in the car. Hit the key, and as soon as the starter engaged, the car was running! I couldn’t believe it. No lifter tick, no horribly odd noises. She was running a little rough, but figured that would clear out. After a minute it died and wouldn’t restart, lol. So we towed her up to the shop for some diagnosing.

We figured out pretty quick we had a fueling issue, as diesel sitting for two years can really gum some things up. Since we couldn’t get a filter today, we bypassed the fuel filter to see if it would run. Bam, she fired right up. There will not be an insect problem within a block of RennsportKC, because it smoked so badly out the exhaust it wasn’t funny. Dark black smoke. So we decided to clear it out. Wes took off down the street with it, and 10 minutes later came back with a non smoking car 😉 A big pop, a big cloud of smoke, and she cleared right out. A new filter tomorrow, some fresh fluids, and she should go for a few more miles 🙂


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