Porsche 993 Muffler Modifications RennsportKC

I couldn’t take it anymore. My buddy down the street kept rolling up with his beautiful sub 20k mile 993C2S. He was like a ninja, I could never hear him coming. We decided that needed to change. As you know we install a ton of exhaust systems here at RennsportKC. Some Fabspeed, some B&B, some Rarlyl8, and everything in between. For the 993 though, there is a different solution. This modification started online as a LPMM or Gundo hack modification. Someone decided to take their stock oem mufflers, and install a bypass pipe between the inlet and the outlet of the muffler. This allowed some of the exhaust gas to bypass the muffler, while still allowing a lot to go through the muffler. The end result was an intoxicating exhaust note…..how it should have come from the factory. Since then, the modifications have evolved to different stages. Because the car is a really low mileage car, I wanted to keep it looking 100% stock. So I called up my buddy Darin and sent out the stock mufflers to him for internal modification (Stage III). He cuts the mufflers open, works his magic, then closes everything back up so they look 100% original. The difference though is they don’t sound 100% original 😀

With 3 major projects tying up the lifts, it was back to jackstands 😉

These are the mufflers as modified. Can’t tell any different 🙂

And installed back up in the car.

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