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Yea, that title sucks. Curse you Google!

My Title: “The Widow-maker: Part I”

Last week I got the 965 over to alignment and Todd knocked it out for me in no time. Then it was due some easy road time, and final tuning after everything was broken in. Friday afternoon, she headed home to SE Kansas 🙁

Pure awesomeness!

While we were sad to see this puppy head down the road, something just as good was left in it’s place. A 14k mile 1986 930! This car is CLEAN! While Dr Porsche would turn over in his grave by a car driven so little, it is a nice treat to see one in this kind of condition. You can read the writing on your shirt in the reflection at 20 feet away 😉

Look at all that beautiful Porsche engineering. Oh…….yea, that’s all coming off 🙂

To be replaced with some of this: The plan: Brian Bodart from Rarlyl8 sent us his exhaust system and K27 turbo upgrade, along with his intercooler and adjustable WUR/ignition system. We will keep the power on the ground with Elephant Racing’s suspension setup (larger torsion bars, bilstein shocks modified for the 930 bumpsteer kit, and polybronze bushings for the control arms and spring plates, and spherical bearings for the rear trailing arms). Ride height will of course be low 😀

Forgeline sent us some incredible wheels for the car. It will be tight…..dawg. I love these wheels!

Saturday morning I came in and stood there for a second…..it was quiet….really quiet. The phone wasn’t ringing, there weren’t any messages….pure bliss…..well except for the two birds that were having a fight on top of the skylight on the roof. Hmmmm waiting on parts for other projects……..so I got started.

The old front suspension. See ya!

A naked 930. Only thing hanging off the front still at this point is the steering rack and cross member. Did I say this car was clean?

A metric ton of crap.

This car has never had an alignment before from what I can tell (or at least they made no camber adjustments). I had to remove all the factory coating on the top mounts to get the old struts out, and allow for adjustment when we go for alignment. That took awhile. Damn German’s and their silly black goo. But the new struts mounted up nicely. Here you can see a good shot of the bump modifications. The outer tie rod is bolted to the strut with spacers. We will adjust the spacers above and below that outer tie rod as need be when we set the height of the car. This allows the tie rod to be straight without a severe angle due to the altered geometry of a lowered car.

And the new strut brace installed.

Turbo tie rod kit. Special tool required. KWP93201.V2

To start with for now, we will modify the spacer heights once the car is setting on the ground and we can see how the tie rods look.

Then it was time for the front control arm bushings. Old bushings remove easily by heating the bushing with a torch and then twisting them off with a large screwdriver. Easy as pie. Next the arms are cleaned, sanded, and cleaned again. The bushing sleeves are then JB welded to the control arms. This is done because the sleeves are slightly over sized to allow for German tolerance issues with the size of the control arms. By now the phone is ringing and emails are coming in, so that is all she wrote for now. Stay tuned, we have a long build ahead!

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Jeremy D

May 13, 2012 at 8:57 PM

What a time capsule! I love seeing cars like that, saved all these years exactly as they were born. What are the plans now for the owner since you are doing all the upgrades?


    May 14, 2012 at 8:58 PM

    My guess is it will involve holding on for dear life.

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