Porsche 965 3.6L Upgrades (B&B Exhaust Ultimate Motorwerks) Kansas City

See, two searchable titles in one night! The title I was going to use: “Hot slammin salmon Porsche 965 gets some big HP upgrades.” Totally doesn’t make much sense. Huh, I am beginning to see what Russ means. Actually, while we name each car, this is not the Slammin Salmon. I have named this car the Blue Beast of Yorkshire.

We left off last week with the little 965 in the grasp’s of the evil doctor. The ancient smog pump system was mocking me, so I removed it all. Why? It’s called the food chain. I’m higher up and know how to use tools. This entire side of the engine bay was filled with smog pump equipment. Really a bugger to work around.

The air distribution pipe feeds air from the smog pump into the cylinder head, which then exits the exhaust thinning out the emissions to fool them into thinking the car pollutes less. If you think about this theory for a minute, you realize it doesn’t make much sense in total pollutants. Just a tool to get through that hoop.

Installing the RennsportKC air injection plugs in the cylinder head to cap it off.

Ohhhh buddy. Called up Kevin and Ultimate Motorwerks a few months ago and had him send me this. K27 7200 High Flow S.

And installed on the car….well partially.

And the exhaust almost completely installed. Right now I am fighting an oil line that needs to be replaced with the updated B&B exhaust (remember how we use the best vendor for the application, in this case B&B).

Unfortunately, we are having an issue with the fitting connecting the factory oil line to the new line from B&B. They have outsourced their fitting production and well….they need to outsource it to someone else apparently. A minor hiccup I am sure…the exhaust note and power increase will be worth the wait.

Factory line in the wheel well. If you deal with installing aftermarket parts, you deal with aftermarket issues on occasion. Not a huge deal, we just need to figure out what the specs need to be on the fitting and get the right one coming….or plug in the welder……

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