Fabspeed Motorsports Porsche 944 Exhaust Install Kansas City

Our web and marketing expert keeps telling me I have to be more “search orientated correct” in my blog title posts. In fact, I was told this as he held a nice big burger from Paul’s drive in under my nose. Everyone around here seems to think I am motivated by food for some reason (Send all Ho-ho’s, french fries, and donuts to the shop to my attention…I don’t eat foods that begin with the letter M (namely the big three….Meatloaf, Mash Potatoes, and Mushrooms….please forward those straight to Wes). If you haven’t eaten at Paul’s drive in in Grandview, I highly suggest you try it. Take antacids with….a bottle. Oh so good. Anyway, back on topic. I think titles like “Out with the old crappy exhaust and in with the new” is just so much better 😉 But I will follow orders…..for now.

If you follow the blog and have seen how many Fabspeed exhaust systems we install and sell. It’s a lot. Why? Pretty simple really, in certain applications they are the best out there. And in other applications some other companies are better. We love mixing it up around here and using the best product for the specific application that we can find. For the 944, Fabspeed is the best out there.

We did the koni upgrade on this car a few months ago, and it was time for an exhaust upgrade. The old exhaust was starting to show it’s age, and well…..we like extra horsepower and a better sound.

All this stuff needs to go 🙂

That old heavy stuff out of the car and the new stuff laid out next to it. mmmmmmm

Bolting everything up into place. These systems go in pretty good in regards to fitment. Not much to have to mess with.

Oh yea!!!!! Down the road she goes!

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