Porshce 356 post purchase inspection

Apr 19 2012 wes Editorial No Comments

So a customer brings us this perfect little 356 driver.  Very clean, all there, just the right amount of patina. Seems a tune-up is in order and a re-jet for 2012’s version of RFG is needed.

first thing is to get these babies clean, if you are in Kansas City and are looking for a shop that knows Weber carburetors, stop and see us.

Yuck.  Where is all that coming from?

Of course when we pulled the sock and scoped the tank it looked pretty bad.  So the tank gets sent out and I tidy up a little rust up front.  Skip doing the tank and we will be right back here in no time.

After the bead blaster.

Primered, painted and re-installed. Now we also have clean carbs, we will have clean fuel, and the door to the steering gear doesn’t look like it will rust in two.

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