Car 54 Gets A Makeover (Chump Car Series)

Ok, who the heck is going to Google search Car 54 anyway. To heck with that. We got out the paint brush the other day and gave Car 54 a makeover. At the race down at Eagles Canyon, the front fender got smashed in by some totally irresponsible driver. I’m not saying they were from “our team” or from “another team”, but the fender is bent. I think it was the last straight panel on the car. The paint products available now days are absolutely amazing.

We started with this:

And after some sanding and a lot of careful taping, we laid down the new paint and she now looks like this. Can you believe the transformation!

Ok, actually Thursday night after work, we drove up to Minneapolis, getting in at about 3am. Got a hotel room, took a nap until 6am, then headed out to pick up the car. Met up with Jim Bryant of Racing Products Minnesota (RPM) and got the car loaded in the trailer. By 7:30 we were south bound and down, getting back to KC by 3. The car cleared the low height enclosed trailer by 1 inch on the roof. I was going to have a cold drive home with no windows had it not fit! We are also training a new driver. She indicates the pedals are too low to effectively heel/toe. Not sure what she means.

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