Porsche 997 Ignition Coil Pack Failure

My title: Misfires, misfires, oh my! (totally not Google searchable). Actual title….maybe.

Had this 997 limp into the shop the other day with a horrible misfire and flashing CEL. When the CEL flashes….yup it’s bad. Typically a really bad misfire, which I confirmed on the #1 cylinder. Up in the air she goes.

It was funny, not 30 minutes before that I was talking with a customer over the phone about how it was somewhat hard to see coil packs crack externally…..bahahahahaha. I have never seen anything like this. The cool thing about this car is that it is a driver. Rain, snow, shine, this baby doesn’t get tucked away in the garage just because it isn’t 85 degrees out. I think we found our misfire issue.

The coil packs on the left bank were all badly cracked. #1 looked like this. I could see how that might not fire properly.

Compared to a new coil. Failing ignition coils are becoming more and more common these days. While they typically do not show physically like this, they show up as a bad hesitation or stumble and CEL indicating a misfire on that cylinder. Since the coil packs are the modern day version of a spark plug wire, they will need to be replaced now and again just as spark plug wires would have been in the old days.

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