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Title: “Talking about a bunch of shop work…A big ol’ pile of shop work…Seven to three…..Three to eleven….Eleven to seven” Google searchable? Totally not.

Thursday: Drive to MN to get chump car
Friday: Drive back. Pick up lumber, finish up a few things at the shop. Drink beers
Saturday: Work on Jim (a super beetle) with good friends. Jim runs like a champ, then doesn’t….bad fuel pump. Meh, it’s a VW. Drink more beers.
Sunday: Arghhh Sunday. Shop work. Reinforcing our mezzanine so that we can safely operate within the Grandview City limits. This here 25 year old mezzanine must not be up to code, so we go about strengthening it (P.S. The previous tenant use to put cars up on top for storage)

New LVL beams and 2×10’s. Lumber is expensive! BTW, we had to raise our shop rate to $150/hr. Ok, not really, only $125/hr……..lumber should be paid off in 2025

Wes and I originally set out to install this monster pile of 20 foot beams by ourselves. Luckily, all my friends showed up to help us out (and you can count them….there they are, all 4 of them…I couldn’t possibly have more than 4 friends, because ALL my friends showed up to help). See Sunday’s activities above……No one brought Ho-hos. We had to take down the existing 2×6 headers and replace them with much heavier 2x10x20 LVL’s. Did I mention they were much heavier? Here you can see the first LVL is up and they are pulling down the last 2×6 on that side. Once the beams were up, we had to support them on each 4×4 floor beam with a piece of 2×4 and some 5/8″ x 8″ through bolts for extra support. These 2×4 blocks have a name….Wes knows what it is. I can’t remember the name no matter how hard I try…so I call them Muggles. P.S. Wood is not my thing.

One side was easy, the other side not so much. A bunch of drywall removal was needed in the machine room.

Some of the standard 2×10’s in place.

Thanks guys! We couldn’t have done it without you!!!

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May 2, 2012 at 7:39 AM


Oh, by the way, was this a by invitation only event?



    May 2, 2012 at 7:56 AM

    bahahaha, lol. This was a people just showed up out of the blue event! Thankfully they did, we would still be hanging those beams.

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