964 C4 Race Car Fuel Cell Replacement

In between events, we sprung a fuel leak on the 964 C4. The fuel cell was leaking near the connections to the fuel pump, so I pulled it out to repair.

Once I got the tank out of the car, I ran into a bit of a snag. First, there were zero markings on the tank identifying the manufacturer. This makes ordering replacement parts impossible. Second, there was not safety ratings on the tank, or date of manufacture, etc. This made determining any possible safety rule violations impossible.

The decision was made to either replace the fuel cell with a new proper fuel cell, or go back to OEM tank since a cell is not required. $3k, or $1k, we decided to go the cheaper route and stick with a used OEM tank. We can hold more fuel, and have an easier filling procedure through the stock fender.

Tank out of the car.

Unfortunately, I found the oem fuel door was welded shut, which required removal of the fender to replace the door.

While we were waiting on parts, I decided to add some weight back in the car. Since we were weighing light, I added the front spare tire back in along with a heavy duty place for the battery box. This will help put some weight over the steer tires.

Once the fuel issue was solved, we took it to alignment. We had not aligned the car since Al picked it up, and it was very out of alignment.

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