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Remember this project? I sort of do, lol. I am finally getting caught up on some things at the shop. With temps in the shop about 100 degrees this week, it has been tough, but it was a good week for overall progress on a bunch of cars. After fighting the back dated lines for a few days, I gave up and ordered a line from B&B, along with their wastegate dump pipe. I have learned a lot of installing this exhaust. Mostly that I will stick with what I know works from now on, lol!

I got some more heater hose for the heater boxes in and started fishing those up into the engine bay.

I don’t know that I’m 100% happy with the clearance of the hose on the headers, I’ve got to brain storm this one a bit.

Trouble free line. Should have gone this route a month ago. Live and learn.

And a wastegate dump pipe. The stock one of course doesn’t fit with the custom turbo oil tank.

Then I installed the MSD RPM switch which will help the midrange AFRs. This will take some tuning, but the plug and play proms should make it pretty painless. Just some tuning with the wideband.

The activated switch mounted to the adjustable warm up regulator (WUR)

The adjustable WUR allows us to change control pressures and enrichment.

Mounting in the OE location.

And fired up 🙂

If you have apple quicktime, you can play the .MOV video clip of the exhaust note.
Exhaust Note

Once I had it off the lift, I gave it a bath to get the dust off, and tackled the WEVO shifter. We will also put in the rear linkage as well, but i’ll get to that. Old system out of the car.

And the new shifter installed. I still need to button up the center console, but it functions.

I’ve got a little work to do on the stance still, but it’s close 🙂 Low!

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