Porsche 944 Interior Change Rennsport Kansas City

This ongoing project is…well….on going 🙂

While I am on the eternal wait for parts for other projects, I took the time to get started on the interior of this car. We are tackling some of it, and an interior shop is tackling the seat recover and carpet, etc.

First thing was to finish up the rear end though. We got in new taillights, so I tackled that install first.

The sealant used is Butyl tape for bonding the lights to the body. It is a non hardening sealant which will not leave an oil film on the paint like silicon or rtv will (which makes repainting an issue)

Forming it around the housing.

And installed on the body. Much better.

Then it was time to take on the interior. First up was to install the black dash since we are getting rid of the brown interior. This dash has been sitting on a shelf since about 1985. No cracks 🙂


Starting to come apart. Lots of screws, wires, etc.

Center console is the biggest PITA with all the wiring.


Since the ignition housing was out, I replaced the ignition switch, which was cracked anyway.

And the new dash going into place.

And a little color change on some of the pieces.

Close. Down to the nitty gritty now.

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