Porsche Boxster Engine Swap Completed Rennsport Kansas City

I know I know. We are so backed up right now, my blogging has come to a halt for the time being.

Right now it is cool in the office and about 100 degrees in the shop, so at least I can get something productive done while staying cool 🙂

Last week in between prepping chump cars and other odds and ends, we finished up the Boxster motor swap.

With the used motor we were putting in, we went ahead and installed the upgraded IMS bearing kit as usual, and replaced the RMS. Both were leaking slightly.

Where the cams are locked out and timing is checked. The upper plug had a slight leak, so that was removed and replaced, but normally that plug does not come off for this job.

Motor back on the table and ready to go back up in the car. Before doing so, we had to install a starter on the used motor as it did not come with one, and replace the oil fill tube/dipstick tube. We also did new oil cooler seals while it was sitting on the table.

And back in the car. I think I have some other pictures on the phone of the process as it was going in, I’ll try and get those up later.

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