BMW Chump Car Finished Rennsport Kansas City

Jun 29 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Last week we got Chumper finally finished. It has been a long road getting this car ready, but it finally came together. At least for a little while 🙂

After running the car at MAM to see what we had, we brought it home and starting finishing off the front half of the cage.

Nascar style door bars make entry/exit very easy.

We finished up a few odds and ends like the electrical system for the cool suit.

And the radio system installed.

Once all the safety equipment was done, we added the quick release steering wheel, found a few more stickers and loaded the car in the trailer.

And headed out to High Plains in Colorado for the race. Temps were a pretty solid 104 degrees, with temps in the car around 120. She made it about 3 hours before the headgasket let go 🙁 Not surprising though, we figured it was a factory original gasket, and the cooling system is the weak link of these cars. It over pressurized the system and took out the radiator and a hose as well, lol. Oh well, until then the car ran fantastic. We started 28th with 2 penalty laps for lowering springs, and moved up to 6th before she quit. Back to the drawing board.

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