Porsche Boxster Check Engine Light Rennsport Kansas City

The doctor made a house call the other day, unfortunately, this patient was too far gone to save on site 🙁 I think this one has had a yellow CEL light on the dash for some time now, and it started running rough to the point where it wouldn’t move at all. I pulled down the codes and received a screen full of fault codes, about 12 in all. Typically plugging in the computer and getting a fault code is a pretty easy way to find out what is wrong with the car, but when you get 12, it makes it hard to figure out what is a result of what, or do you have more than one issue with the car. After reading out the voltages and readings from various sensors in the car, I knew we had multiple issues that had been building on top of each other. Typically with Porsches, just because you are getting a fault on a sensor doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad, it might be pointing to another bad sensor. For instance, typically bad o2 sensors on 2 different banks is likely not a bad o2 sensor, but rather a Mass Air Flow sensor.

After the tow truck dropped her off, I got to work.

Patient ready for surgery. After reading down the values, it was very apparent we not only had a couple of bad O2 sensors, but also a bad MAF sensor. Again, things had been building for awhile. While those sensors were reading out of spec, the car really acted like it had a bad intake leak.

Since we also had misfire codes, and the plugs had not been done, I pulled one to check it out. It was covered in gasoline, so I yanked them all and replaced with new.

The right intake plenum boot was very oily on the outside, so I decided to replace remove the plenum assembly, clean it up, and reinstall to ensure no intake leak. There was also a puddle of oil on top of the motor, so I replaced the oil filler tube as well which is known to crack.

And going after the o2 sensors. Always replace your o2 sensors in pairs on the same bank. If one has failed, the other one is not far behind.

Eventually we got all the little culprits taken care of and the car running smoothly again. Remember, when your CEL light comes on, it is a good idea to get it to your shop and get the code read asap. Driving with it on can cause you anything from decreased fuel mileage to engine damage. Don’t put it off!

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