Porsche 965 Exhaust, Ride Height, A/C Repair Service Rennsport Kansas City

Had this little guy back in the shop over the weekend for some quick repairs. First thing we wanted to take care of was the Camaro stance. You know, low in the front, and jacked up in the rear! Do not mistake this for the “Camaro Cut” which is a Mullet hair cut that screams “all business in the front, and party in the rear”

Rear collars about as high as possible. Special tools to turn these babies down.

Then I needed to install the muffler bracket that the owner couldn’t figure out when he put in the new Fabspeed muffler system. It’s kind of a tricky setup, but easy when you’ve been there before.

And then we charged up the A/C system for him since it is hotter than the surface of the sun outside. We kept the R12 system for now and charged with that, but if we have anything more than a really slow leak (which the previous owner claims), then we will convert to R134a

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