Porsche Boxster Rear Wheel Bearing Repair Rennsport Kansas City

After we got the motor transplant done in this Boxster, the owner later mentioned his wheel bearing was making noise in the rear as well. DOH! We were just in there and had everything apart, but that’s how it goes sometimes 🙂 Take care of the big things first. So yesterday I took that side down and pulled out the bad bearing. Typically with the new sealed wheel bearings, they will exhibit a growling noise rather than having play in the wheel like an old 2 piece bearing would. This makes them a little tough to diagnose.

To get the bearing replaced, the subframe, catalytic converter, and axle have to come down on that side.

Once all that is out, then you can pull the bearing out using a special tool and a large breaker bar. Absolutely do not use an impact gun on the tool.

The horseshoe attachment will allow you to pull the hub out of the bearing first, then you can do the same process sans horseshoe to pull the bearing out. The new bearing is pressed back in with the tool as well.

Bearing out of the upright and ready for a new one!

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