It Is Time: 997C4S Supercharger Part I:

Time to get rolling on this little project of ours.

The patient: 997C4S Tiptronic.

The Kit: VF Engineering Supercharger kit. I’ve got a lot of these installs running around on 996/997’s, they are excellent, well thought out kits. New hp levels should run about 475. The newly redesigned kit incorporates a self contained oiling system on the supercharger. No more pulling hot oil from the engine to lubricate the charger.

Got it in and we noticed an issue right away……our car already has the third radiator which is normally used for our supercharger intercooler. I’ll figure it out, but the install won’t be quite as straight forward as I was hoping. Since this is the first 4S Tiptronic I have done, I expected we would run into a few snags.

Airbox out of the way. The first thing I want to tackle is replacing the injectors with the new injectors.

Passenger side bank of injectors that need to come out. Can’t see them? That’s right. Down in there somewhere. First I had to relocate the main engine harness connectors on that side.

And then after a while I was able to get down to the injectors. It is a tight fit, but out they come one at a time.

And the new larger flow injectors.

There….you can see a speck of green when they are installed 🙂

Then on to the driver’s side. There is about half the amount of room to work in on this side.

So you just stick your arm in there and start doing things by feel. No point trying to see as there isn’t enough room to.

Then off comes a coolant bracket to make way for the charger. There is a nice metal guard on the charger bracket that will keep the hoses away from everything bad.

And the main vent line needs to be swapped out for something that will allow room for the supercharger piping.

Removing a few idler pulleys to swap to the SC bracket.

And then the throttle body and intake plenum need to come out to get to the vacuum system.

I make a few small modifications to the system and put it back together.

And now……now we are ready to start sliding in the charger.

And the charger in place. Stay tuned, I have a lot more work to do.

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Wallie - South Africa

March 16, 2012 at 7:51 AM

Hi Porschedoc. Got the same car and conversion. Tiptronic response terrible without steering buttons manual shift. Hesitating especially at lower speeds and 5 th gear. VF’s Jeff at technical promised feedback since mid February 2012 and does not respond to my e-mail requests. Also has Chronosport. GIAC modifies the 997 TT transmission module for better response.
Advise to move the engine lid strut to the left as it touches the inlet plenum. Also inteference from engine cover necessitates you remove some metal underneath the engine lid. Tie the V3 drain hose for easy access.
What issues do you have with Tiptronic /Throttle response. Kind regards.


    March 16, 2012 at 4:13 PM

    We do not have any issues with hesitation or tiptronic respsonse. Car runs perfectly.

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