996 45k Service

Knocked out a 45k service on a 996 a few days ago. It is a pretty basic service in between the major services. It includes changing filters, oil change, and a full inspection. Read the dme down to make sure there are not any pending codes, etc. The next major will be at 60k which will be more involved with spark plugs being changed out.

EvoMS intake. The filter needs to be removed and cleaned out. Easiest to take the entire box out. While that is out, it gives you the perfect opportunity to inspect the drive belt and rest of the engine components.

Changing the pollen filter. This one has been in here awhile, it was pretty heavy with contaminants, lol.

And of course you want to clear out the debris from the radiators/AC condensors to increase their flow again. Leaves and cigarette butts. Always cigarette butts in there. All those people flicking them out the windows and they will end up in your car eventually. I highly recommend removing the bumper cover at the major services so you can use a power washer to blow the radiators clean. While they may look clear, you would be astonished how much crude comes out when you can get a direct high pressure spray on them.

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