911 SC

Just finished up a little of this and a little of that on a 911 patient. We replaced the oil sump plate gaskets and installed a new turn signal/dimmer switch which was malfunctioning and flashing the brights when using the turn signals. Common issue.

The patient.

We have a few transaxle leaks from the nose seal and such, but decided to skip this for now since it hasn’t been leaving much on the ground.

But we did want to tackle the sump plate gasket.

Plate off, mid gasket change.

Then it was time to tackle the turn signal. Remove the steering wheel, column trim, and switch. Then undo the wires underneath and remove.

I dunno, up there are a bunch of wires that need to be removed and replaced. Pretty self explanatory.

And done!

911BrightsDimmer SwitchPorscheSCTurn Signal Switch

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