Our web and marketing expert keeps telling me I have to be more “search orientated correct” in my blog title posts. In fact, I was told this as he held a nice big burger from Paul’s drive in under my nose. Everyone around here seems to think I am motivated by food for some reason (Send all Ho-ho’s, french fries, and donuts to the shop to my attention…I don’t eat foods that begin with the letter M (namely the big …

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944 Turbo No Start

Had this little 951 towed into the shop the other day for a no start. Owner was trying to diagnose a cranking, but not firing issue when everything locked up solid. First thing we had to do was the replace the locked up starter. Enough cranking must have overheated it and locked it solid. Since there was no tach bounce and the owner had installed new reference sensors and DME relay, the first thing to try was the DME. Popped …

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Went down to storage on Friday to bring back a track car for the season. Since the LSx project is unfinished, and the M3 is now with it’s new owner, I need a car to drive! And what a great car it is! Last year the clutch came apart on me at HPT, so on the schedule is a clutch job, fluids change, and a better set of shoes. Poor thing has been sitting in the corner since the clutch …

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Dragon Revival

As I have time, I have been ticking away here and there on this project. Slowwwwly. Pan on, motor mounts on, and crossmember installed. In preparation for the engine, the engine bay needed some paint. The dash. And the rollbar. For now the rest of the cage is removed. The interior is primed and ready for white paint.

I last left this car waiting for a new oil pickup tube before being able to button it back together. The new one arrived and looked just like I expected it to…..together. New one came in from Porsche and I was able to start reassembly. The old one. A little hard to see, but the base is partially separated. Everything back together and nice and clean!

Signs of spring:

Cold and rainy Sunday but I look out into the shop and see this: Convertibles and cabrios everywhere!  Awesome!  

This little marshmellow came in today for preventative rod bearing maintenance. At about 140k miles on the clock, it is good idea to replace those bearings. The 944 series is prone to spun bearings which will wipe out the engine, so a little preventative maintenance goes a long way. Engine support bar back in action. The poor thing has been neglected for awhile and so we need to clean up some of these oil leaks while we are in there. …

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Last week we finally got some time to finish cutting and welding the roll bar in the 951. I didn’t get pictures, but we got it primed, painted, and most of the interior carpet back in.

I think we are about wrapped up on the Chump car for it’s first race of the year. Lot more work than I thought I would have to put into it, but it all finally came together. Had the car up in the air for a day and had a little drip form under the car. Turns out the clutch slave cylinder was leaking. Really glad we caught this now! And new cylinder and line in place. Clutch should be …

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LSx progress.

Got the oil pan and pickup tube installed the other day and the oil pan on. Ye haw. Crossmember is 95% modified, I have to still fix one edge and then we are ready to flip the motor right side up 😉