944T Part 5:

Well, got the head back from the machine shop on Friday. Got everything prepped and ready to go, then went to clean the surface of the block for the new headgasket and made a startling discovery. If you remember, we had an issue with the waterpump where the coolant had eaten into the mounting surface of the pump (on the block). Well I started cleaning the block surface, and found the same issue on the number 1 cylinder, and it is bad.

The solution? Essentially we need a new engine, but since we are this far apart, we really aren’t out anything to put in a new gasket with some copper headgasket spray and see if we can get it to hold at least for awhile.

So with the gasket gooped up, on goes the head.

And the intake.

Meanwhile the shop supervisor keeps tabs of everything.

But it is hot, and the job is long, so even the best supervisor needs a siesta….or maybe she was just checking the work from the bottom.

And almost back together.

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Jeremy D.

July 3, 2011 at 11:04 PM

Ouch! So sad. That baby needed to be driven. Kinda makes you think twice about leaving the P car sitting for long periods of time. Been driving mine a lot since you got it back up to par. Of course, just yesterday the sunroof stopped working (dang it)….it’s always something!

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