944T Engine Work Part…errr..Lets Call It 3

Got the car buttoned up yesterday and thought we were going to be good to go. The problem with these really really low mile cars is that once you start driving them, stuff starts failing faster than you can fix it. On the initial warm up, I kept getting a puff of smoke off the passenger side of the engine. When it didn’t stop after a few minutes, I looked underneath and found the head gasket was leaking externally onto the crossover pipe and burning off. Argggh. Sometimes it is a little frustrating, as i’ve already done half the labor in doing the waterpump and belts, lol. Time to go back in. Since the roofers had the driveway blocked, I couldn’t get it over to the “long term project” side of the garage, so it was a waiting game. Of course it stormed and shut the roofers down for a full day, so I was stuck in the garage. Had I been able to flip the ball around on my hitch, I would have moved the trailer, but I gave the nut about 650ft/lbs and she wasn’t going to budge…..darn. Finally this afternoon the roofers finished up and were gone. Perfect.

Intake off. Boy do the valves look nasty.

And the cam tower off. I just need to pull the 6 bolts on the exhaust-crossover pipe connection and the head is ready to come off. A project for this weekend.

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Jeremy D

June 17, 2011 at 8:30 PM

It’s pretty cool to find a low mileage ‘time capsule’ example like this, but at the same time kind of a shame because it deteriorates so much while not being used. I hope the owner plans to start driving it more once you’ve gone through it. I sure wish I could buy it once you’ve gotten it brought back to snuff. What a great looking 951.

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