944 Work Continues

With the holiday schedule messing up parts delivery, I finally got the parts in today for the 944T that we have been addressing a coolant leak on.

Installed the new cooler auxillary fan switch (75c)

And got the top coolant nipple replaced. After warming it up and a quick test drive, I think we have the coolant issue fixed.

Last night after my stranded event, I pulled apart the devil car and went after the fuel pump. Sure enough, the pump was locked solid.

Another good use for the power probe. I had a spare pump laying around, so I put power to it quick to make sure it was good and got it installed, and vroom the car came to life.

Then it was time to button up some misc. items. Val helped me bleed the brakes (rears were stubborn, so we had to bleed the old fashion way). We now have a nice firm brake pedal and braking is no longer frightening as heck 🙂

Then it was on to the rattling crossover pipe heat shield.

A couple of spot welds with the welder and she is rock solid again.

At this point it is time to try and put some miles on it and see what we have. Everything is running great right now, with the exception of a slightly noisy air compressor clutch (only with the AC off). I’m ready for this car to go home, lol.

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July 7, 2011 at 8:53 PM

That Karl is very sneaky, he didn’t tell me we were going to bleed the brakes the old fashion way until I was in the car and it was up in the air!

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