944T Part 6:

Well everything was going good, got the car back together, idled numerous times to burp the coolant and burn off any excess old oil and such off the headers. A nice leisurely test drive this morning around the block….2 blocks from home, round the corner….blap, it dies. This stuff can never happen to me when Val is home so I could tow it home easily, lol. Looks like the fuel pump took a poop. After a couple of hours of retrieving the trailer and loading it up to tow it 2 blocks, I finally got it home in the garage. It is hot. Real hot. Kansas sucks in the summer.

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Kevin A.

July 5, 2011 at 1:52 PM

It does not help that Porsche’s are perhaps the most petty, vindictive cars ever built. Each on has a life of it’s own, and most of them seem to hate humans. Best luck on the fuel pump fix.

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