997 Supercharger Part III:

Ok, lets see where were we:

ah yes, on to pulling the DME. A lot of people have probably already seen how to pull the DME from the 996/997 time and time again, but for those that haven’t…..here you go:

Tools: 6mm allen, T30 torx bit, 10mm socket/ratchet/extension

Remove the bose trim piece by pulling out on it.

Remove the seat latch with a 6mm allen.

Slide unit forward. On the backside you can unplug the electrical connector:

Then pull up on the center carpet piece and remove it.

Under the passenger side is the DME. Remove the 3 10mm nuts holding that side of the plate on.

And you can lift the plate up and remove the electrical connectors. You can only start on the passenger side and word to the driver side, and don’t worry, none of the plugs are the same, so you can’t put them in backwards or in a different slot.

Two style of plugs. One you swing an arm open and it kicks the plug out. The end ones have the standard push clip on the bottom and pull out.

And a DME ready to be sent out for flashing.

By now, shop supervisor is bored. She takes a nap.

Then while I was in the electrical mood, I decided to install the front relay. There is a nice ground bolt on the passenger side of the battery near the front trunk firewall that is perfect for mounting the relay.

For some odd reason, this new style blue relay they are using doesn’t have a large enough hole. No big deal, get out the drill and enlarge it. Oops drills dead, so just drill it out by hand.

The power wire to the water pump can be routed through the AC lines where they enter the front cowl area, and then run underneath the car to the rear where the motor will be.

Hook the other red up to the positive battery connector, and the yellow wire will go to switched power.

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