997 Supercharger Part II:

Knocked out a few more items in between tornado sirens. Ahhhh springtime in Kansas. A tornado on the ground a few miles away…..honey badger don’t care…..but those sirens sure are really loud and annoying, LOL. Way of life in the Midwest. So if I stop updating the blog, you know what happened to me, ROFL!

Knocking out some misc. items. Wiring in the resistor into the MAF signal wire (white with blue stripe), and also another new update, they have installed a 928 temp sensor in the charge cooler for a better air temp sensor (normally read through the MAF). You have to wire this into the MAF connector as well, sensor wire and the ground. Pin 5 is the air temp sensor wire. Cut and wire into the harness side (blue wire/white stripe), and then T the ground wire into the harness ground wire (don’t cut….brown wire/white stripe).

As you can see here, the 3rd wire is going to be the air temp sensor wire in the charge cooler.

Then remove the right side o2 sensor bracket and tuck the wires down next to the engine mount. This will allow enough room to run the intake piping.

And I like to secure a piece of tape over the wires just to keep them in place while trying to get the intake piping in.

This is the intake pipe to the charger. In the past I have discovered trimming the end will greatly help with fitment of the decklid. I’ll try it without this time, but willing to be I will want to trim it just to bring it closer to the charger slightly.

And the metal shroud on the decklid needs to be trimmed to clear the charger.

Remove the trim so you can make the cuts off the car.

And a little square cut out of the trim and reinstalled. This should provide us with enough room to close the decklid.

Underbody panels starting to come off so I can start thinking about routing the hoses. The C4 definitely creates a space issue, lol.

Crawling around under the mid rise still gives you plenty of access to run the lines.

And this is going to be one of our problem children. That big hunk o’ metal sure takes up a lot of precious space where we could be running hoses.

And now for a short break to let the tornadoes go by. I dunno, something about having a car in the air makes me nervous around high winds, LOL! In the meantime, I’ll get the ECU pulled and off to fedex.

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