993TT Strut Brace/30k

Last year we put in a new clutch into this 993TT and did the spark plugs, etc for the 30k service while the motor was out. Today it came in to finish the 30k and to install a new strut brace in the front end.

Cup strut brace ready for install.

Going with a completely stealth install on this puppy. I wasn’t sure if the amp would give problems, but it cleared without any issues.

Installed behind the carpet.

And everything back in place. You can’t even tell it is there, and no modifications to anything needed. Complete bolt on.

Then it was on to things like the oil change, etc.

And replacing really dirty air filters.

One of the intercooler boots that will need replacement in the near future. Dealer only item and not cheap, so we bypassed this for now.

While I was changing the oil, I noticed the oil accordion was shot…..

Then it was on to replacing cabin air filters.

Which were likely original. With all that done, it was out the door and tearing up the roads.

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