RX-7 Continued

Due to popular request by regular subscribers, I bring you another fine RX-7 post.

After getting the intake off the top of the motor, I just couldn’t 100% locate any coolant leaks. It is possible there may be some intake/throttle gaskets leaking, but even under pressure it was hard to pinpoint. Since this car is needed at school, I have to put it back together for now. Unfortunately, I found out that parts for these rotary engines are only available through the dealer and are special order, which makes getting parts a real pain.

I did take the time to clean out the nasty coolant tank.

A little bit cleaner.

Starting to disconnect the mess on top of the motor to get to the intake.

Like Lin, even Tia is bored with this project……

I also replaced the known leaking coolant pipe on the passenger frame rail once the ABS pump was pulled. The brake fluid had eaten through the pipe, causing a leak.

And new pipe in place.


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