BMW 323i EML and CEL Light

Jan 17 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

This poor little thing was towed in with an EML light and check engine light on. The EML light typically relates directly to the throttle body being bad (internal TPS sensors on this model), and the CEL revealed a list of about 9 codes ranging from secondary air injection problems to MAF sensors to cam sensors to O2 sensors. Yuck.

But, to get it back on the road, the EML was the main issue, so I ordered in the new throttle body and associated boots.

Time to start pulling things apart.

After a lot of intake hoses, electrical components, dipstick tubes, etc, I was able to get the TB freed from it’s tight quarters.

Way up under the manifold is where the little guy resides. Stay tuned for the install.

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