RSR rollbar install and harnesses

We tackled the rollbar yesterday in the RS.  It was hot, damn hot, even in the garage.  Got it knocked out by about 7 or so.  Spent more money mid install when we decided the car needed a new exhaust…….

There is nothing more fun than taking a brand new $150k car with 600 miles on it and disassembling it…..

Massaging the carpet out of the side panels to modify the plastic housings under the carpet.

Fitting the bar.  Did I say it was hot?

Measure once cut twice right?  Errrrr.  Very happy the way the rear carpet section turned out.  A bit nerve racking cutting apart a brand new carpet section though.  First cut is always the hardest…..after that it gets really easy.

Passenger seat control unit relocation.  We use the BK submarine belt mounts.

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