993C4S Farewell……

Well looks like a good freind of mine is shipping off his 993C4S to it’s new home.  Sad to see a car leave the area, but on to bigger things.  A few items ended up not in the deal, so while he is out of town, I will swap out a few things and get the car ready to ship out……hey wait a second….i see what is happening here……

Up on stands.  Old wheels are coming off and the stock OEM wheels are headed back on.

Next up is to pull of the LPMM mufflers and put the OEM cans back on.

LPMM modification.  Notice a short piece of pipe is welded in between the inlet and outlet of the exhaust to allow some exhaust gases to bypass the muffler can.  This exhaust sounds great, better than anything you can buy out there.

The OEM muffler in stock form…..

Time to pull the cans.

Poof, and it is gone.

If you notice the stock muffler and the modified muffler are slightly different in the pictures above.  There are two style of mufflers that came on the 993.  The Gillett muffler an the Bischoff.  Esentially the cans are the same, with the exception of the outlet pipe to the tips.  One of the styles requires the donut shown below as an intermediate piece.  You can use either muffler on your 993, you just may or may not need the donut below depending on your year. 

After that was done, I put the engine bellypan back on as it will need it where this car is headed……that’s right….I said it…….

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