Another Oil Air Seperator

Had a freind bring by his boxster that had started smoking on him excessively out the tailpipe.  Worse on startup, but would happen when driving as well.  This is pretty typical of a bad oil air seperator.  When the car got here, it was idling extremely roughly and had a CEL.  This was odd, and you start to think the worst.  Read down the CEL and came up with the following laundry list!

P1128:  O2 sensing adaption (bank 1)

P1130:  O2 sensing adaptation (bank 2)

P0300:  Misfiring damaging to the cat

P0304:  Misfire cylinder 4 damaging to the cat

P0305:  Misfire cylinder 5 damaging to the cat

P0306:  Misfire cylinder 6 damaging to the cat

P0507:  Idle control system exceeds limit value.

Obviously we still want to start cheap and pray for an easy fix.  We decided swapping out the OAS was a good idea, so a couple hours later we had it done.  Idle cleared up and all the CEL codes did not come back.  Wheeewwwwww

The offending culprit. 

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