Boxster S 90k Service

Had a freind bring by his 2001 Boxster S for it’s 90k service.  We replaced a couple of blown parking lights, fuel filter, air filter, oil change, pollen filter, and the drive belt. 

Back of the litronic headlight setup.  Small bulb for the parking light.  Had to get into an argument with the autozone jackasses because they kept trying to sell me the parking lights for the non litronic setup (different).  Even gave them the part number and showed them the bulb and they still told me I was wrong, haha.  Needless to say, worldpac had the correct bulbs.

Pollen filter location.

Errrr dirty.  New air filter!

Drive belt replacement

Fuel filter is stuck waaaay up in the center tunnel. Not much fun on ramps.

Old filter out.

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