Squeaks gets a new window regulator

Tried to accomplish a simple task of changing a brake light bulb the other day, and happened to roll the window down on the driver’s side……and then found out it didn’t want to go back up!  Drats.  After some diagnosis work with the volt meter, I confirmed it was indeed the window regulator.  Ran to oreilly’s and picked up a new regulator and got it changed out.  Got to love Jeeps, meant to be fixed in the field.  Even the window regulator was a breeze to replace.  Guess it was good it failed in the driveway, and not out in a rainstorm somewhere.

Door panel was the first to come off. 2 screws and the panel just pops off

Disconnect the door handle rod, lock rod, window connection, and the switch connector and set the panel aside.

Roll the window up about half way, and you can remove the 2 spring clips holding the window to the regulator. Once they are out, the window pops out of the regulator and you can remove it out the top of the door. (don’t drop it). Squeaks’ window was stuck all the way down, which just makes it a little tighter to get the clips pulled out.  Hard to see the clip in this picture, but it is easy to get with a screwdriver or hook tool.

After peeling off the wind/rain shield (before the previous picture), you are looking at the inside of the door. Also remove the inner window felt by pulling it up and off. Once that is out of the way, there are about 7 bolts/nuts to remove/loosen.

Once the hardware is removed, the regulator comes out of the door easily.

Once you put in the new regulator, hook up your switch to make sure everything works. Then reassemble.

My next project is to tackle some broken exhaust manifold bolts on the driver’s side. Noticed an exhaust leak last week, and this is a pretty common problem. Usually the rear bolts on the manifold snap. I’m not sure what I will get myself into here, but I will find out soon! Have to get Squeaks healthy again so it can take down it’s next victim…….

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August 31, 2010 at 9:13 PM

Thank you for fixing squeaks 🙂

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