GT3RS Project

Been so busy lately we haven’t had time to play with the RS at all. Tonight it ended up in the garage for some minor upgrades. We installed new Porsche pedals, Traqmate, and changed the oil. Next week hopefully the GMG exhaust will be here and we can installthe laser intercepters and hardwire the V1. GMG wheels are on it, and the black sticker package will be done soon.

First was to change out the center consol lid to an alcantara one.  Not sure why the rest of the interior is alcantara, but they left the console lid leather.  T10 torx required.


Old lid.

New Lid

Pedal set waiting to go in.


I always start with the easiest, lol.

Finished Product……More to come.

20113.8AlcantaraGMGGT3 RSgt3RSPedal setPorschetraqmate

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