Shrek pays a visit……

Yup, the big Ogre.  About as dirty as one too, but after all it is a Jeep 🙂 

Had an issue with the front left caliper locking up.  Decided it was best to put in new brake lines and new calipers.  The brake lines cost more than the calipers, as did the core charge on the calipers, lol.  Got to love cherokee parts.  Ended up getting everything installed, flushed and bled the brakes, but are still getting an initial lockup on the first braking when cold.  After that it is fine.  More research needed, but the master cylinder must be bleeding off pressure to that line possibly.

And we can play my version of where’s waldo….only its “where’s thor?”  He is in one of the pictures somewhere.

Brake caliper off

Looks like we need new sway bar drop link assemblies.


New line installed.

There was a ton of junk in the brake master reservoir, so I pulled it off and cleaned it out good with brake clean.

Much better

Installed back in the master.  There are 2 roll pins you have to drive out to get it off, then drive them back in.  Not sure why they use those, that reservoir was a bugger to get off. 

Ooops, looks like those sway bar bushings are shot too, lol.

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