996 C4S Brakes and V1 Install

Slapped new brake pads in for a buddy and helped him with his V1 hardwire install.  There are a couple of ways to do the V1’s in the 996, I usually like to pull power from a plug in the center console.  On a non-auto dimming mirror car, you can hide everything up in the sunroof control/light area, but with the dimming mirror, space is a little tighter.

Brake pad replacement.

Starting the V1 install.  Running the wire up over the headliner, and down  the passenger side A pillar.

Now normally i would go after the center console plug, but someone was nice enough to have already installed an XM unit with a separate spare power lead.  Just so happens there was a 12v and ground spade connectors just waiting to be used.

996C4SInstallPorscheV1Valentine 1Valentine One

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