Project GT3 Gets Started

After hitting town Saturday night, I picked up the GT3 Sunday morning and got to work. We are installing the GMG rollbar, Schroth Harnesses (Hans), Escort 9500ci Radar/Laser Detector/Shifters, and aluminum pedals.

Found a couple of interesting things as I took the car apart. Keep in mind this is a fresh off the boat new GT3, so it has never been touched before. Front sidemarker light is pinched in the bumper from when the bumper was installed.

Notice the bundle of wires sticking out from behind the fuse panel cover….sloppy, lol. Looks like the Germans are enjoying their noon beer too much!

Escort ready to install.

Rear bumper off to install the rear shifter.

And the shifter installed and wire routed to the engine bay.

And coming up into the cabin near the DME

Before the rollbar can go in, the plastic side covers need to be modified. I didn’t take pictures of this process for fear Dan might have a heart attack.

Rear section in.

Jumping ship to the pedal install while the seats are out of the way.

I still need to come up with a couple additional screws. Note: If you purchase pedals from Porsche, the instructions are completely incorrect. They have you installing self tapping metal screws into the plastic gas pedal which is incorrect….those are for the metal brake pedal. Also, the drill bit sizes are backwards in their instructions. Typically you have to come up with some extra hardware when installing these sets.

Next up I decided to tackle the submount bars for the harnesses.

On the passenger seat, you need to relocate the module seen here to a slightly more forward location.

Easily done with Brey Krauses’ kit.

Once that is done, you can mount the subbar, and install the harnesses.

I also switched the wiring around on the seat buckle to avoid contact with the harness on that side. This was easily moved to the posterior portion of the recepticle.

On the driver’s side, the mount is slightly different, and to get access is easiest by tilting the seat out of the frame.

Then back to the front section install. My buddy Jack came by and lent his super human strength to get the bar to fit. Ok, actually not, we just had to change the order of how we bolted the bar in. For some reason on this bar, we had to bolt in the passenger side first, then the driver side second. Wouldn’t go the other way around for some reason. Sometimes the bars can be quirky.

Then it was time to tackle installing the front shifters and radar unit.

Front bumper off.

Front radar unit mounted. Once I secured it in place with VHB tape, I decided to pull the bumper and add the brackets just for reinforcment. It probably would not have ever let go with the VHB tape, but just to be sure. VHB tape is what rivetless enclosed trailers are sided with. This stuff is amazing.

Then it was time to mount the front shifters. They can not be behind anything like the radar unit can, but fit nicely in front of the grills. Interestingly enough, Escort says absolutely not mounted behind any grills or bumpers, but yet then their install video shows the install behind the grill of a mustang….go figure, lol.

Routing through the back side.

And going back together.

Next will be spending time routing wires, mounting components, etc….all the fun stuff…….

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